About Me

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HEY ! i’m yovie,,well, it’s nice for being here , having a blog on wordpress ! this is my first time anyway.. really nice to find more friends in this site..i was born on Palu 19 Feb 1990..i graduated from college last 2012 on July and now i work at PT.ASKES (Persero) as a staff of financial department since this January. i do really like network world, in here i can find everything that i want to know..friends, knowledge,places and other important and interesting things. i used to be an announcer at SKIP FM, one of a radio in my town and also being an assistant of music director for a year. Actually, i ever worked at one of bank just for 4 days..it’s unbelieveable, wasn’t it??it’s a choice of life..i even didn’t know what will happen next in my life..i just follow my heart and also my destiny to be what will i be..that’s it ! it was one of unforgetable experience for me..

I do really love my family so much.. they are my everything (kayak iklan :p) hhehee. My parents are still alive and i have one old sister. She has married and has one super duper talkative daughter. i’m the last in my family. i love singing, swimming and i’m in love with music so bad. if just one day i don’t listen one song, it just like an empty day for me. I like western songs, Korean songs and ofcourse Indonesian songs.

I also like to watch movies, Western movies, Korean drama/movies and i don’t know that why i’m not really interesting with Indonesian movies. Yeah, maybe because of the quality of story or something. Hmm..a few Indonesian movies make me interesting but not all. Well guys, you can ask more about me by posting some comments here.. it’s my pleasure to answer that and i hope we can be friend and share some things which are fun,smart and also interesting..

Contact me on :

Twitter : @yovieidonk

Skype : yovieidonk

FB : Yovita Viananda Sari

Foursquare : Yovita Viananda Sari


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